Documentation for testing center staff

Staff permissions

Testing center staff permissions

Staff roles in testing centers

Testing center staff have all permissions associated with their own role and all lower roles.

Role Description
Owner Complete control over all aspects of the testing center.
Exam Editor Create and edit exams, sessions, and testing center settings.
Proctor Editor Manage proctors, including adding, removing and assigning proctors to sessions.
Student Editor Manage students, including editing student settings and their exam reservations.
Proctor Proctor exams, including checking students in and out of sessions.

Staff editing permissions

Depending on their role, testing center staff can add/remove/edit other staff (they can never edit their own staff permissions). The staff editing permissions are:

Role Staff editing permissions
Owner Edit any other staff member
Exam Editor Edit Proctor Editors and below
Proctor Editor Edit Student Editors and below
Student Editor None
Proctor None

Note that Owner and Exam Editor roles can control all the aspects of the testing center, except Owners can edit all testing center staff roles, while Exam Editor can only edit roles beneath them.