Documentation for testing center staff


Managing a testing center with PrairieTest

A testing center is a centrally-managed organization for running exams for many courses, where all proctoring is done by testing center staff (not by course staff from each course). The testing center schedules sessions during which many different course exams can take place. Each course exam has a range of dates when it is available (typically on the order of three days) and students can make a reservation for any session during this period. At their scheduled time, students show up to the testing center and their exams are proctored by testing center staff, without the involvement of the course instructor or other course staff.

PrairieTest can manage testing centers with:

  • Multiple physical locations, either using computers provided by the testing center or using students' own laptops.
  • Online exams with Zoom proctoring.
  • Scheduling of students who require extended time or special accommodations for their exams due to disability or other reasons.
  • Either self-scheduling by students, or pre-assignment of testing time slots by instructors.
  • Student ID card check in that integrates with university card systems (e.g., mag swipe, RFID cards, QR codes).
  • Security controls via IP restrictions and proctor-controlled check-in/check-out.