Documentation for testing center staff

Setting up courses

Setting up courses

Courses are created by institution administrators. Courses belong to the institution and they should be created every new term.

Courses that use the testing center must be linked to the Center. This action can be completed by testing center owners and editors.

  • From the homepage, navigate to the testing center by either: (1) selecting the testing center from Testing centers where you are staff, or (2) selecting an institution from Institution administration, going to the Centers page on the top menu bar, and choosing the testing center.
  • Go to the tab Courses from the main menu. Click Link course and select the course that you want linked to the testing center. If the course is not listed, you should contact one of the institution administrators.

Manage the student roster and accommodations

Students can only be added to a course by course staff (or institution administrators). See Setting up exams for details.

On the Students tab, click the edit button under the Accommodations column to give extended time for students in the course. It is important to set up these accommodations at the beginning of a term, before allowing students to register for exams. Changing the accommodations at a later time will not affect existing reservations.

Accommodations need to be created from within a testing center for those accommodations to be applied. For instance, faculty can apply accommodations to a student’s profile for exams that will be administered by the faculty member. However, those accommodations will not be reflected in a testing center.

Create exams

Exams belong to the course, thus they are created from the course page. However, exams can later get linked to testing centers. Not all exams inside a course need to be linked to a testing center.

  • Select the appropriate institution under the Institution administration panel from the homepage. You will be taken to the Courses tab.
  • Go the the desired course where you want to create an exam.
  • From the course homepage, click Add exam
  • Enter the exam Name and Duration (in minutes). Note that exam Duration is the time students are given to complete the exam. Click Add exam to confirm.
  • Exams can be deleted using the dropdown menu to the left of the exam Name.

Course staff can create sessions inside an exam to be used outside a testing center (for example, bring-your-own device for an in-person exam during class time, or Zoom-proctored exams). For more instructions on setting up course level sessions, go to Docs for Course Staff.

Link exams

Once exams are created from the course page, testing center staff can link exams to the testing center.

  • From the testing center page, go to the tab Courses from the main menu.
  • Select the desired course.
  • From the Exams tab, click Link exam.
  • Use the dropdown menu to select the exam you want to be linked to. Exams must exist in courses before they can be added to a testing center.
  • Enter the Start and End dates for the exam. Any testing center session defined and open for self-reservation within that period will be available for the exam.
  • Select Allow self-reservations by students if you want students to be able to make their own reservation. If this box is selected, students will be able to self-reserve into any session between the start and end dates.
  • Define the start date when students can start making self-reservations.

Testing centers can allow course staff to give students overrides when needed. For example, a student who is not able to take the exam between start and end dates could get an override from course staff to take the exam at a later time.

  • Select Allow course staff to create overrides to give override permissions to staff outside the testing center.
  • Setup the maximum number of overrides. The default is 10.
  • Setup the default override start and end dates.
  • Confirm your selections by clicking Link exam.

The Exams table lists the duration of the exam, start and end times, the start of self-reservation, the number of current registrations and total number of students, and the total number of requested overrides. Any of these entries can be updated directly from the table, by clicking the Edit button next to the desired option.

Making exams visible to students

When exams are first created they are hidden from students. This allows you to get everything set up while students can't see it. When everything is ready you need to make the exams visible. This can be done from the Exams page by clicking the edit button in the Visibility column.