Documentation for students

Unproctored exams

Exams without Proctoring

Getting ready for an exam

  1. Go to the PrairieTest Home page

    • You will be able to see any current and future exam reservations.
    • If one of your courses offer exams with self-scheduling option, you will see a list of the exams available for reservation.
    • Check if you have your special exam accommodations entered correctly in your reservation.
    • Make sure to check the exam date, time and duration. You will not receive extra time if you arrive late.
    • Contact your instructor if you believe your reservation is incorrect (and you do not have the option to self-schedule)
  2. Plan your testing space. Here we provide some general guidelines. Your course instructor may have other specific policies.

    • find a quiet space without others around you.
    • plan to have scratch paper and any other allowed materials or resources nearby. Your instructor should have provided you with a list of allowed materials.

Before starting the exam

  1. Get yourself and your work space ready:

    • Use the restroom beforehand.
    • Make sure you have all the items you will need (loose-leaf scratch paper, pencils, other course-approved materials)
    • Make sure you do NOT have any unauthorized materials in your work area. This includes smart watches and electronic headphones.
    • Make sure you are alone and others will not enter the room.
    • Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode (you are not supposed to be using your phone during the exam).
  2. Go to the PrairieTest Home page from your computer/laptop. You will see one of the following messages:

    • "Your exam is scheduled to start at [exam time]": your exam will start automatically at the designated exam start time.
    • "Your exam is now ready": click the Start exam button to get access to the exam.
  3. Once you click Start Exam, you will get the link to your exam. Open the link and start taking the exam.

  4. When you complete your exam, go back to PrairieTest and click End exam for self-checkout.

    • The exam will close automatically at the exam end time, which is defined by the exam start time plus the exam duration defined by the instructor (which may be different among students).
    • Students can find their exam scheduled duration from the Reservation panel in PrairieTest.
  5. You will be able to start your exam until 10 minutes after the exam start time. After that, the exam will no longer be available to you. Recall that you will not receive extra time for starting late. This late time windows of 10 minutes can be modified by your instructor, therefore make sure you check your course policies for late start.